Chapter 11 – In Appreciation

No history such as this could have been completed without the help of many people and organizations, library reference departments, family scrapbooks and public documents. To those sincere folk and fans of Lucy who aided this endeavor we want to express gratitude for their interest and support.

We would especially like to thank Mary Lafferty Garrison for providing us with some previously unattainable James V. Lafferty background and photos, to Josephine (Mrs. Henry) Gertzen for her history notes on the Gertzen family, to Richard Alexander of Wynnewood for permission to quote from his Cape May Geographic Society Bulletin on Cape May’s Elephant “Light of Asia”, the Atlantic City Press for allowing use of an unusual photo of Lucy on her way to her new home snapped by the late photographer Mike Blizzard, to Jack E. Boucher, historian and photographer, for his early researches of the Lucy legend, Josephine Harron and Sylvia Carpenter for preparing the committee’s 18 year history of Lucy’s restoration, G. Roland Brown, City Clerk 1964 – 1977, for his chronological history of the City of Margate and Lucy, Joseph F. (Bud) Gertzen for family and memorabilia photographs. To Bertram A. Whittaker and Norma Boice Ciszek for providing old photos from a South Atlantic City souvenir booklet and the many others who in one way or another contributed to the Lucy story.



State of New Jersey Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Division of Travel and Tourism’s Matching Grant Program. To the Greater Atlantic City Region – Tourism Council’s Matching Grant Committee, Atlantic County Division of Economic Development — Tourism Department for assistance in filing matching grant application.


Officers 1999

Josephine L. Harron, President
Richard D. Helfant, Vice President
Frances Camp, Secretary
Catherine Toth, Treasurer
Katharina Grande, Trustee
Betty Eitnier, Trustee

Original Committee Members

Milton Glenn, Jr., Chairman
Edwin T. Carpenter, Co-Chairman
Sylvia Carpenter, James and Helen Eichwald, Frank and Margaret P. Shanahan, Jack E. Boucher, (photographer-historian),  John D. Milner, (restoration architect), Donald Targan, Esq.,  Steven E. Gottlieb, (architect), Marie Louise Elbe Gottlieb,  Josephine L. Harron, Virginia Cassell, Henry Hecker, Florence T. Van Wickle, Marvin Van Wickle and Julius Woods.

Margate City pays tribute to Lucy as its outstanding landmark in the painting of the Elephant high above the rooftops on the community’s 144 ft. high water tower.