Chapter 6 – The Committee

savelucyIn 1969, Edwin T. Carpenter and a group of Margate citizens formed the Margate Civic Association. One purpose of the Association was to find a way to save the decaying old Elephant landmark from demolition, as a developer was negotiating the purchase of the land upon which Lucy stood.

The City of Margate owned a piece of vacant beachfront property two blocks south of the Elephant that had been purchased in a public referendum in 1932 for recreation purposes. Mr. Carpenter and members of the association approached the City with the possibility of moving Lucy to this city parkland.

Mayor Martin Bloom and Commissioners William Ross and Russell Roney were receptive to the idea providing the city would not be held responsible for any damages that might occur.

The owners were pleased to donate the Elephant to the city, hoping Lucy would be preserved, but stipulated “if it falls down” the Civic Association would be responsible for the removal of the Elephant’s remains.

website_lucy_deteriorated_northJohn A. Milner, AIA, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, a nationally known restoration architect, was contacted by the Civic Association to examine the Elephant structure and determine the feasibility of relocation. After careful study Milner and his associates determined that the building was structurally sound and would survive the move.

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