Chapter 7 – Save Lucy

The challenge of moving the Elephant was presented to the Civic Association and thus the Save Lucy Committee was formed. The house-moving firm of Mullen and Ranalli was hired to prepare the structure for the move at a cost of $9,000. Feriozzi & Sons, a local area concrete contractor, was hired to prepare an especially designed foundation at the new site for a cost of $15,000. These costs presented a major expenditure for the committee.

In addition to raising these sums the committee was presented with a 30-day time limit for relocation by the owners’ attorney, or be solely responsible for demolition and removal costs. A series of fund-raising events was planned to meet the deadline. The most successful was a house-to-house canvass by volunteers who tackled every house owner in Margate.

Mayor Bloom proclaimed June 27, 1970, as “Lucy Day”.

School children donated proceeds from sales of cakes and crafts to help Lucy.

In spite of all these efforts the committee was short of its goal by $10,000 as the deadline for the move approached.

Chairladies Josephine Harron and Sylvia Carpenter signed a personal note with the help of an anonymous co-signer providing the means to proceed.